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Legislative Updates Begin for 2012
Stay up to date on legislative Action from Topeka as House Majority Leader Arlen Siegfreid gives his updates from the floor. Weekly updates are being posted in the Arlen's Assessments of this website!

Kansas House Passes Historic Workers’ Compensation Compromise
Topeka – Today the House passed a workers’ compensation reform 90 to 26. The legislation is the result of committee deliberation and extensive negotiation between labor and business representatives. It is the most comprehensive workers’ compensation package considered in seventeen years and the first to pass with support from both labor and business interests. For the full release, click here .

Open Letter to Constituents
I was truly honored this year to be re-elected to the House of Representatives as part of an historic statewide victory for the Republican Party. This incredible victory was made possible by the hard work of so many of grass root Republican volunteers.

The honor of being elected Majority Leader is both humbling and challenging. However, I am excited to accept the challenge and I cannot wait for the gavel to fall in January. When that happens, it will mark a new era in Kansas state politics. This will be our first opportunity in many years to govern as Republicans in concert with a Governor's office that understands the needs of Kansas and will provide us with a reliable blueprint for success. This governor possesses the vision our state has craved since I have been in the House of Representatives. My job as Majority Leader is to help the Republican caucus fulfill that vision.

We as Republican House members need to develop sound public policy to ensure future Republican victories by meeting the needs of our constituents and the entire state of Kansas. We must develop excellent channels of communication directly to our constituents so they understand the strategies and actions unfolding in Topeka. We cannot allow those who would divide us, to accomplish personal agendas, to be successful. We will prove Republicans can govern.

I am proud to be working with nine new House members from Johnson County. Our county delegation has always made a strong contribution to the House legislative process and I expect that to increase in 2011. It's a critical time for this work to begin, and I could not be more excited to be a part of it.

Rep. Arlen Siegfreid

Hope for America Endorses Arlen Siegfreid
The following is a release from the Hope for America Political Actioin Committee, which recently released its 2010 endorsements. Included in the list is Arlen Siegfreid. You can view the release by clicking here.

Arlen Siegfreid Endorsed by NRA, Earns A+ Rating
House Speaker Pro Tem Arlen Siegfreid (R-Olathe) today announced that he has received the endorsement from the National Rifle Association for the 2010 election cycle. In addition, he also received an A+ rating from the NRA because of his strong and vocal support for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

For the letter from the NRA, click here.

TOPEKA- House Speaker Pro Tem Arlen Siegfreid (R-Olathe) today responded to assertions by Kansas Democrats that his school funding proposal was unveiled with coordination from Senator Sam Brownback’s campaign for Governor.

For the full release, click here.

Siegfreid Earns 100% Rating from AFP
Now that the 2010 Legislative session is adjourned, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas has issued their legislatove scorecards for the session on key issues. Rep. Siegfreid earned a 100% rating. You can find out more about the votes of Arlen and his colleagues by clicking here.

Siegfreid Scores Highest Ranking on Kansas Economic Freedom Index Legislative Scorecard
Voice For Liberty Wichita recently released it Kansas Economic Freedom Index, an evaluation of State Legislators on eight key votes during the 2010 legislative session. Rep. Siegfreid received a 95% rating which tied for the highest "pro-liberty" percentage among House members. The index focuses on votes that support the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. To see the complete rankings go to this website.

TOPEKA– House Speaker Pro Tem Arlen Siegfreid (R-Olathe) today announced he is running for re-election in the Kansas House of Representatives’ 15th District.

“We’re at a critical juncture for our community, our state, and ultimately our nation,” Rep. Siegfreid said. “We need serious, experienced leaders representing each. It’s an honor to represent the citizens of Olathe, and I’m committed to continuing this work for our families and our community.”

Since joining the Legislature in 2003, Rep. Siegfreid has crafted substantive tax reform as a longtime member of the Taxation Committee, and served as Chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee—one of the legislature’s most critical and influential committees.

His proven leadership in both regards, and reputation as one of the legislature’s most respected members earned him election by his peers as House Speaker Pro Tem for the 2009-10 sessions. Kansas Republican Party Chairwoman Amanda Adkins highlighted the key role Rep. Siegfreid plays in the legislature, and in the future of Kansas.

"Arlen represents the kind of authentic conservative leadership Kansas needs at a critical point in our state's history," Adkins said. "He's an influential part of our leadership team, and an excellent resource for not only the citizens of Olathe, but all Kansans."

As a legislator, Rep. Siegfreid has been focused on business and economic growth issues, and is a wellrespected authority on Kansas tax policy. Noted by many of his colleagues as a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and responsible spending, Rep. Siegfreid has worked diligently to save Kansas jobs and foster continued economic prosperity for the state. His dedication to Olathe and his district placed him on the list of Olathe’s 150 most notable historical figures in 2008.

The Olathe representative serves on the House Taxation and Education Budget Committees. He has been married to his wife, Barbara, a retired physical education teacher at Fairview Elementary in Olathe for 30 years. They have 5 children, and 8 grandchildren.

The 15th House District includes parts of the city of Olathe and Olathe Township in Johnson County.

Siegfreid Authors Tax Simplification Bill
TOPEKA—Rep. Arlen Siegfreid (R-Olathe) today testified before the House Taxation Committee supporting a bill he’s sponsoring to establish the Simplified State Tax Structure Committee. The measure, HB 2463, would assemble a panel of legislators and Kansas economists tasked with creating a fair, simple and effective tax code.

“Kansas tax policy is too complicated,” said Rep. Siegfreid. “It’s difficult to understand the impact of decisions we’re making because current tax laws are so complex and interwoven. We have to establish a clear set of policies and simplify the entire process.”

For the full release, click here.

Siegfreid Leads on Health Care
On December 31, Speaker Pro-Tem Arlen Siegfreid joined with other legislative leaders in asking Attorney General Steve Six to join with other states in investigating the Constitutionality of the recent Health Care bill that passed the United States Senate. For the letter to AG Six that Arlen signed, click here.

Siegfreid Releses Legislative Research Memo on Budget
For his entire time in the Kansas House, Rep. Siegfreid has been fighting for increased fiscal responsiblity and addressing the impendending budget crisis. A recent memo by the Kansas Legislative Resarch Department highlights some of the statistics that Kansans should be aware of when considering the issue of the budget in the upcoming legislative session. For this memo, click here.

Siegfreid Fights for Gun Rights
Arlen Siegfreid and several other elected officials have taken a strong, unified stance in support of Second Amendment rights. Siegfreid joined with the Republican members of the Kansas Congressional delegation, State Treasurer Dennis McKinney and over two dozen members of the Kansas Legislature and signed the National Rifle Association’s amicus curiae brief in the court case of McDonald vs. City of Chicago. The McDonald vs. City of Chicago case will determine whether a Chicago ban on firearms is unconstitutional.

In a recent article covering this topic in the Kansas Liberty, Siegfreid was quoted. Here is the excerpt:

Rep. Arlen Siegfreid, R-Olathe, said he wanted the courts to recognize the fact that the Second Amendment is not just a law that cities or states can interpret.

“I want to make the point that the Second Amendment is an individual right; it is not a law,” Siegfreid told Kansas Liberty. “I just wish they would make a sweeping statement at the Supreme Court level so we don’t have to play defense in every community.”

You can read the article covering this issue by clicking here (subscription required).

Welcome to my online office!
Thank you for visiting my new website. Whether it be news from along the campaign trail, or information from my office in Topeka, my new "online office" will be a resource for you. This will include information about me and the issues I am fighting for in Topeka, as well as newsletters, legislative updates, important links, and more. As the site develops, I urge you to contact me at arlen@arlensiegfreid.com.

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